Traffic Store

A custom campaign for each of your stores
Get guaranteed results with our automated multi-location targeting technology.

Use the power of location of your stores

Target locally, in the immediate proximity of each of your stores, to maximize in-store traffic.

Reach only the right people

Reach your exact target audience with Facebook’s specific audience segmentation.

Keep things in-house and stay in control

Easily launch and manage your Facebook campaigns. Our technology takes care of the optimization.

Duplicate and Customize, easily

Quickly duplicate campaigns for different locations, or customize your message for each store. You choose the solution best suited for you.

Boost your in-store traffic

Hyper-local targeting together with optimal reach & frequency provide guaranteed results. See your foot traffic increase with our technology.

Control your marketing budget

View your results in full transparency and know where your budget goes to, while our technology takes care of delivering the results.

Contact us to start a conversation, about how your next experiential event can be a unique and innovative experience for your target consumer.