Social Media Advertising


  • Ad Sync: Show simultaneous ads across screens while your TV commercial airs
  • Competitor: Blunt competitors’ messages by syncing with their TV spots
  • Category: Automatically coordinate ads within 17 product categories
  • Program: Capitalize on real-time moments during live events
  • Sport: Continuously deliver ads throughout targeted TV programs
  • Political: Reach specific U.S. TV Audiences through Nielsen Twitter TV demo data
  • Weather: Buy ads for all shows matching target audience demographics
  • Promo: Automatically deliver ads within seconds of when network promos air
  • Brand Affinity: Sync with commercials for brands that share similar social media affinities

Cross Publisher Summary

Keep the pulse of your social advertising with a high-level view of your social advertising accounts.

Link all accounts managed through 4EON and daily report of spending, engagement, and impressions.

Analyze key metrics side-by-side across accounts.

Smart Groups

Budgeting allows advertisers to use Smart Groups as a safeguard against overspending

Alerts can be useful to keep an eye on ad disapprovals, budget pacing, and when you hit certain thresholds

Rules-Based Optimization gives activators the tools to set an action based on performance indicators (pause, increase/decrease bid/budget, etc.)

Day Parting can easily be set to ensure your campaigns are running when it matters most!

Custom Metrics

Flexibility to define custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for:

  • Reporting
  • Rules
  • Alerts