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4EON | Healthcare Solutions – A Medical Meetings and Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning Partner Who Gets It 4EON has the experience, expertise and technology capabilities to help you meet all of these challenges in medical meeting and pharmaceutical meeting planning.

We developed 4EON | Healthcare Solutions in direct response to the most pressing challenges facing medical meeting planners today. We’re committed to helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies navigate a complex regulatory climate to deliver better healthcare provider (HCP) experiences and drive results for their companies.

Effective sales meetings are difficult to pull off. These meetings are critical to your company’s success – but they’re also huge investments, especially when expectations grow each year, but budgets do not.
Motivated, inspired and informed sales teams drive big results for your company. The camaraderie and enthusiasm built at a sales kickoff can’t be replicated.

How to Design Effective Sales Meetings and Sales Kickoff Events

Ineffective sales meetings put your sales goals at risk. If the team isn’t clear about the products they need to sell, the processes they need to follow and compensation they’ll receive – you’ve wasted their time and your budget. 

Effective sales meetings and kickoffs align your team around common goals, inspire them to change behavior and help lock in new habits critical to meeting your sales targets.

Your sales kickoff should help you:

  • Build capacity. Bringing your sales force together for a face-to-face sales meeting is scientifically proven to improve collaboration among dispersed teams. Sharing new technology, products and processes during meetings also gives your team the time to focus on the changes they need to make and understand what they need to do to achieve your goals. 
  • Inspire performance. Have you ever been so inspired by a presentation, it’s like you’re feeling what the speaker is feeling? Effective sales meetings include great presentations from engaging presenters who not only share their knowledge with the sales team but their enthusiasm for the path forward as well.
  • Generate team morale. Effective sales meetings also inject “emotional contagion” into your event. Research shows that emotions, attitudes and moods infect the emotions, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of people around them. A face-to-face sales meeting can set the emotions of your team for the next 12 months whether you’re coming off a great year or a hard one. 
  • Recognize top performers. The best sales kickoff and sales meetings highlight their superstars for their performance. The awards recognize your top performers and models the behaviors you need from your team. 

Wondering how 4EON helps you plan an effective sales meeting?

For decades, 4EON has been the event partner of choice for the best sales-driven organizations. 
Leading organizations trust 4EON for their sales meetings because we know how to design a sales kickoff that improves sales performance.
During your sales meeting, we serve as an extension of your team. We can act as your end-to-end sales meeting partner or you can choose the exact level of service you need. It’s up to you!

Why partner with 4EON for your medical convention?

4EON uses our deep experience, unparalleled buying power and neuroscience knowledge to design flawless dealer meetings, and dealer incentive programs that achieve our clients’ goals. 
Need to get more from your dealers at your next medical conference? Contact 4EON.