Team Building & Incentives

4Eon, Inc. Can be a big catalyst for better unity and collaboration within a company or brand.

Team Building is an excellent way to increase company morale and offer up to date training for your sales teams or just create a more cohesive company environment. Some of our team building activities are designed to call upon your employee’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

We offer programs of all sizes to accommodate a variety of needs from local one day events in the destination team building.

In our destination programs, we take your team on a getaway to a resort.  During their little vacation, we hold any number of different events, depending on the objectives.  These  include things like: moral raising, relationship building, cooperation based or relationship building activities.  Each activity is designed to be engaging, creative and meet your team building needs.

Another team building program, we offer is speed training.  This is extremely helpful before a product launch.  These quick team building programs allow your team to get the information they will need to sell your product in the most efficient way possible.

So no matter what your goals for your team, we can help you build a stronger, better, more cohesive company environment.

4EON, Inc’s Team building activities are created to:

  • Build trust and encourage respect
  • Develop and create proactive communication skills
  • Encourage and foster outside-of-the-box creative thinking
  • Enhance group performance abilities
  • Create a fun-filled interactive learning experience

Team Building & Incentives Gallery