Field Marketing Programs   


Have you heard of hyper local field marketing programs?  This works great for brands that want to launch; a new store grand opening, a mobile tour or even test a product sampling program. The key to using street teams and brand ambassadors is having  friendly, intelligent people in the right place to create direct connections with consumers at and before an event.  Field marketing is essential when you are targeting a local area. By gaining insights from people who know the city you are targeting, your campaign will be more authentic, lay the groundwork for a grassroots street team program and will give your brand a localized business intelligence.  Field marketing campaigns can use multiple strategies depending on the type of product or industry in order to deliver its message:  

  • Product sampling and demonstrations  
  • In-store promotions   
  • Street promotions    
  • Merchandising  

Street Teams

Utilizing street teams for your brand is a highly effective tool to reach target audiences and to drive brand activation by focusing on one-to-one engagement messaging. Street teams or street team marketing can used as a guerilla or a grassroots marketing strategy,  which entails hiring groups of energetic, well trained staffers to hit the streets to create product and brand awareness for your company and an event.  These are forms of consumer activation marketing strategies.Street teams can be a useful type of marketing, which is why many brands like Vespa, Ray-Ban, Prada, Pirelli, Nespresso hire 4EON to plan and execute very strategic street team marketing campaigns. Our teams capture local market intelligence and have real people representing and engaging consumers with your brand.

Partnering with 4EON means your brand will gain macro-level access to micro-focused activation on specifically targeted consumer segments.  Street team promotions can be used for flyer distribution, answer peoples  handing out coupons or sample products and to reinforce brand imaging Street teams give your brand a direct hand-to-hand engagement with your potential consumer

Street teams are perfect for event promotions, consumer activations, testing product feedback and building brand awareness.    As an example, if look at the photos below, you will see a stream team marketing campaign that 4EON managed for Ray-Ban in Italy.

4EON can deploy street teams in all markets, including the U.S. Italy and worldwide. We can help your brand with:  

  • Researching and scouting out the best street marketing locations
  • Singling out target consumers and marketing segments
  • Measuring the events impact with event photo activation stats and other real-time consumer data       


Brand Ambassadors   

Athletes and celebrities are often quite popular and are followed by many people.  

Hiring well known celebrity or professional brand ambassadors at your events, can boost attendance and establish credibility for your brand and its products.  The brand ambassadors will wear your logos, engage with consumers and sign autographs and ensure that the attendees become loyal to your brand because of their popularity and influence.  An example of this would be, when 4EON partnered with Oakley at a number of promotional BMX event road shows in Italy Oakley hired the best professional BMX athletes in the world. Theses athletes did demos, road the ramps and engaged the crowd with crazy tricks. Then they engaged with consumers while wearing Oakley products, talking to people and signing posters and shirts        


Promotional Models

4EON has been planning and executing experiential events and promotional tours for some of the biggest brands in the world for the past 13 years.   We handle every aspect of your event; including design, staffing, venue selection, insurance, consumer activation just to name a few aspects.   Attractive promotional models are used at events to help your brand make connections with your target audience and get them to test and try your products.  4EON planned a motorcycle trade show convention in Milan, Italy for the brand Kymco.  We hired promotional models to attract attention to ATV’s from the event attendees.     


Contact us to get started, 4EON’s street teams and ambassadors can be custom tailored to fit any brand’s needs and target demographics.