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Corporations use incentive travel programs to reward their best sales people or top producers with an all expenses paid vacation, business trips to motivate and drive sales goals farther and to recognize the top earners for their success and achievements. This tool helps companies unite and become more successful.   It especially encourages sales professionals who are on a commission or bonus based payout structure to push themselves harder in order to get more perks. These corporate travel, conferences improves the loyalty of your employees, it rewards productive workers, raises company morale, can create a bonding and camaraderie between senior management and the sales team under it.    

People want to feel a part of where they work (valued) and planning an incentive, convention, meeting, event or vacation can spark lasting impactful excitement and inspiration in your team’s psyche far beyond most other corporate motivational sales tools. You give us an overall budget and we will create a customized incentive travel event that will meet your business needs and give your employees a “once in a lifetime experience”

Incentive travel programs are fun, but they also are very labor intensive and time consuming.  When comes to planning and managing the whole trip from hotel accommodations, flights, transfers, food, activities, supplier negotiations, meetings, entertainment, excursions, VIP services, deadline management budgets, etc. And all of this has to be managed before the guests even arrive.  4 EON is an expert in arranging incentive travel programs for brands and corporations. For the past 13 years, 4 EON has been managing every aspect of corporate incentive travel trips, retreats, meetings and resort getaways

4EON, Inc Incentive Travel Planning Services Include:  

  • Corporate flight booking, contracting, and negotiating
  • Hotel sourcing, negotiating, and contracting
  • Finding the perfect destination to motivate your employees
  • Picking the gifts and special gadgets to wow employees
  • Destination immersion     
  • Production of event agenda and promotional materials
  • Create all leisure activities for employees and guests
  • Create and arrange food and beverage locations    
  • End to end transportation management
  • Attendee and VIP management
  • Budget variance management and analysis
  • Logistical management
  • Plan and manage all receptions, group activities and optional tours
  • Plan and manage all entertainment and décor elements
  • Oversee and manage the on-site program

   Incentive Travel Case Study            

4 EON just successfully created and managed a 4 day incentive travel event for 87 people for an Italian investment bank called Banca Mediolanum. The bank wanted to honor, reward and recognize their top producing 44 financial sales employee’s.  Which they gave us a reasonable budget for us to create and plan and negotiate every single aspect of this special trip that took place, including flying 87 guests from Italy to New York and Boston.   We arranged the flights, hotels, destinations, private dining, entertainment and leisure activities schedule, special gadgets, gifts, promotional materials and many other elements to make this business trip a complete success.            

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