Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns – excite consumers, create content and generate social media attention  

You probably have heard the words Guerilla marketing, but you might not quite sure of it exactly is.  It can be defined as any promotion or campaign that is unexpected, non traditional and it usually will give a very unique, memorable reaction from the viewer, which if filmed can often go viral.

Guerilla marketing is a wonderful alternative to traditional marketing.  4EON, Inc has been helping large brands with unconventional, and creative event marketing, street team management and brand ambassador services for years. You may be wondering “how do you create a successful guerilla marketing campaign and what are some examples of it?” There are many different names that guerilla marketing is often referred to as, such as consumer activation, experiential marketing, extreme marketing, flashmob marketing, or stealth marketing.   Guerilla strategies when done right, can be highly effective, relatively low cost and definitely non-traditional to say the least.

4EON, Inc can help your brand create a successful campaign. We have extensive experience and know that a great guerilla campaign consists of these components, creativity, knowledge, data, experience and timing. Imagination is the biggest key to it though.  We tap into our contacts, influencers and people of the local area where the campaign is being deployed to get involved.  The campaign’s fundamentals go off of human emotion and psychology and thinking rather than just guessing.  We measure how successful a guerilla marketing campaign is by the number of impressions and consumer interactions during the event or a particular time period.

Guerilla marketing is very strategic, calculated usually employs a narrow focus on specific target audiences and markets.   How can this help brands increase business and impressions in its customers’ minds?   The areas concentration for increasing business can be categorized into 3 aspects: word of mouth referrals from people that experienced it, more purchases from existing customers, and even larger transactions from your consumer.    What is great about grassroots guerilla promotions is, that encourages cooperation from other businesses.

As an example, recently Google and KitKat branded up together and used an experiential guerilla campaign to celebrate the launch of #AndroidKitKat, giving people the chance to be able to win a Nexus 7 Tablet the KITKAT way, by having a break,

How did this work?  The people that walked by this billboard in this video above, could sit down on this billboard chair and “Have A Seat”  and if people were able to actually sit there for the set amount of time that they asked, then you could win the Nexus 7 tablet.  This also gets people that walk by it on the street to stop and watch and talk about what they saw and experienced.   Experiential / guerilla marketing is made of many components and elements that must all be planned and work together sometimes simultaneously.  Technologies like social, video, and the internet are the guerilla marketers friend and ally. Use it, leverage it and profit it from it.

Sometimes you have seen guerilla marketing and don’t even really know it. Here are some of the types of a guerilla campaigns

  • Grafitti
  • flashmobs
  • stealth marketing
  • viral videos
  • publicity stunts
  • custom stickers
  • stair cases   
  • signs in the street

4 EON has worked with some of the world’s most famous brands. We’ve created events for Ray-Ban, Oakley and Prada. You can take a look at some of our case studies and event and experiential marketing capabilities.

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