Experiential Event Photo Activation Marketing  

Live event photo activation marketing is very effective and popular with global brands. Experiential event planning agencies use photos at events to help brands make better connections with their customers.  It also falls under the category of brand engagement or brand activation, which its main goal is to make the event attendees interact and connect with the brand that is sponsoring it.   Live events can help brands to make an impression on newer or younger audiences through the use of brand ambassadors and fun photo activation booths and stations.  4 EON helps brands that want to launch a product by creating experiential events that are fun and effective for both parties.  The return on investment (ROI) is becoming much easier to measure for brands, now that post event analytics technologies have improved.  

People use social networks daily.  Photo activation that integrates with social media is becoming a standard at festivals and events because of it’s usefulness to companies and the event planning industry.  We are living in the age of millennials, people want to brag and show their friends where they go and what are they doing, maybe it’s cultural narcissism that has been amplified by the use of social media, but organizers should use this reality to their advantage when marketing events.   


Ray-Ban Event Photo Activation

Brands are finding creative ways to get people to take photos and share them socially. Companies can hire and use attractive brand ambassadors to talk with event attendees and encourage them to have their picture taken in an interactive photo booth, which they can be persuaded or offered company swag such as T-shirt, a keychain or a hat if they will share it socially.  If the attendee wants a copy of the photo, you email it to them, and this gives the brand’s future potential marketing data and new subscribers.   

Other creative photo station booth ideas include getting the attendees and their friends to take group photos with fun props or being able to write digital graffiti on the photo and offering them both a printed and digital copy of it so they can and will want to share it on their social networks.   Some of the booths offer people the ability to take photos using a touchscreen display, which will instantly post the photos to Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and via email.  We have these types of photo activation devices: 

  • Green screen photo booths  
  • Photo booth kiosks  
  • Video booths and slow-motion video

4EON’s experiential marketing experience across a vast array of industries like fashion, auto. Jewelry, cosmetics, sports brands, has positioned itself to help global brands to enhance awareness and create deeper connections to their consumer by achieving the most common objectives (inspiring brand activists, better product understanding, gaining exposure) that are desired with face to face consumer engagements.  This can happen at a retail location, a venue, roadshow or any other type of event. Social media can amplify face to face engagements. Here are a few ways that using live photo activation strategies can help to accomplish these goals :   

  • Digital photo activation is a fun, interactive offering for attendees
  • They can be completely customized with branding and messaging
  • There is a viral impact that can in social media channels
  • They can be a great way for brands to collect consumer data for targeting in the future

Photo Activation Analytics and Campaign Measurement

It is important for any event marketing activation  for the brand, to be-able to collect enough consumer data and measure the campaigns effectiveness and results.   Stats such as the number of pictures that were taken, the number of them that were shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  and any other social channels. Also the number of impressions that the photos receive can help the brand marketing team to gain deeper insights into how consumers relate and the overall effectiveness of the event.  

4EON, Inc uses photo activation to tie together- guest registration, activity, and consumer data collection process at events. We create green screen photo souvenirs for the participants, which they retrieve online which is a way of driving social media marketing for the brand.   The Bottom line is– the more impressive the event experience is for the consumers attending, the chances of creating a higher social reach and brand awareness are increased dramatically. People like to buy from brands that they feel a deep emotional connection to.  Why not let 4 EON, Inc help create that connection at your organization’s next event?

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