Customer Loyalty Programs- that Drive Consumer Engagement and Increase Sales 


Many large brands have been using customer loyalty programs to reward repeat shoppers and to increase sales and revenue growth.  You may be curious as to how do you launch a loyalty rewards program that is profitable?      

In order to create a successful incentive based customer rewards program, you must begin with a clear vision of your companies goals and objectives.  Next for the program to work it needs to be strategically aligned with extensive market research, retail industry insights and have a thorough understanding of promotional incentive best practices.       

At 4 EON,  we first start by determining your customers needs and identifying your greatest opportunities for creating experiential rewards that incentive them to do more in-store purchases.  We have extensive experience with promotional marketing programs, when a brand partner’s with us, we will design, build, test, launch and completely manage the entire promotional rewards campaign.  4 EON is much more than just a vendor or service provider, we are a strategic marketing agency partner for retail brands that are looking to increase their sales and customer engagement.  Let’s have a conversation about how to better manage your existing coupon or loyalty program’s budget.  Are you interested in learning how experienced based rewards such as (concert tickets, dinner, movies, sport lessons) can effectively drive and spark customer loyalty in your particular industry market?     

Incentive Reward Campaign Program Management      


Our promotional incentive programs follow these steps and criteria to ensure maximum success:      

  • First we will establish your company’s specific campaign objectives and Key performance Indicators (KPI).
  • We create reward promotion campaigns that have easily understandable rules and redemption payout ratios that are beneficial for your brand.      
  • Our creative team will craft unique and compelling messaging, promotional branding that will spur emotional engagement and participation.  
  • Create campaigns that thank consumers for their participation and encourage repeat purchases and redemptions.      
  • Analyze and adjust reward promotions and parameters as needed to achieve maximum profits and ROI.       

4 EON’s clients include major retail brands and manufacturers of consumer goods, such as Luxottica, Ray-Ban, Oakley to name a few.  We manage and deliver millions in promotional reward campaigns each year, spanning many different markets and countries.  So, whether you need to revamp an existing customer loyalty program or create a totally new incentive-based engagement campaign, 4 EON can handle it.

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