Experiential Promotion Consumer Rewards


4 EON makes Incentives and Loyalty Programs more Rewarding for Consumers

Consumer rewarding is a type of consumer marketing which allows a company or a brand to show appreciation to their customer base, while increasing the visibility and sale of a specific product or the brand as a whole.  We offer and create an experiential value perception in the eyes of the consumer. As mentioned in the Levi’s case study below, one of our promotions that our partner  TLC Marketing ran was, if they purchased a $170 dollars worth of product then they would receive a salon pampered visit worth ($80) which gave the customer a perceived value that they get $170 worth Levi’s clothes for only $90.

We tailor each rewarding program to our client’s needs and campaign strategies, allowing them to connect with the consumer in the most meaningful way possible. This can be done through a variety of methods, which can include, but are not limited to: online contests, giveaways, in-store or online coupons or discounts, prizes and more.  Why should you work with us?   Our custom tailored campaigns are rewarded for your customers, who get to enjoy the services and experiences they really value, at a fraction of the true cost- and for our partners who benefit from increased exposure and new customers.  

Our Rewards Programs cover a wide variety of categories:

    • Activities– Attending movies, visiting an art gallery, golfing, bungee jumping
    • Beauty promotions– salon visits, haircuts, pedicures, manicures, facials, body wraps
    • Culinary dining rewards – 2 for 1 dinner campaigns, wine tasting, discount dining cards, free dessert, entree
    • Entertainment subscriptions–  free music downloads, free movie streaming, magazine subscriptions
    • Gift rewards cards–  branded pre loaded credit cards such as fuel cards, taxi cards, takeaway cards
    • Retail item giveaways–  for big ticket purchases – our partnerships can allow you to give away items like Apple I Watch or Adidas sneakers that are free with a promotional purchase of your products.
    • Premiums–  “Gifts with a purchase”  are not a new concept but they still incredibly effective.
    • Travel– Free flights and hotel accommodations
    • Wellness– Free yoga or Pilates classes, acupuncture session or floating therapy.
    • Sports–  Free lessons and tutorials for Zumba, Golf and Tennis
    • Services we offer services for gardening, babysitting, van rentals to contractor help such plumbers and electricians. 
    • Healthcare– We can offer free consultations, treatments, to full body health checkup for a number of practitioners like dentists, nutritionists, physiotherapists.

We work closely with our clients to determine the best campaign strategy for their brand, and offer precise, detail oriented execution of the program.  Upon completion of the program, customer data which were collected, can be retained by the client in order to make additional connections with the consumers once the rewarding program has come to a close.

We create strong emotional consumer engagement programs that incentive your customers to do what you want them to do. This can be buying a product, Facebook likes, a repeat purchase or a loyalty program- basically any type of engagement 4 EON can create it to add value to your brand.  Our promotional campaigns work within your company’s budget to deliver branded microsites, third party leads, HTML coding, promotional printing and gives you access to our full service concierge and customer services teams.

Consumer Reward Case Studies

Samsung – Italy – Samsung wanted a new type of reward to increase digital camera sales in a competitive market.  4 EON rewarded every purchase with a free online photography class consisting of 10 courses.

Levi’s – Brazil – Spend over $170 dollars on Levi’s products during a promotional period and receive a free session at a partnered  salon.

Kelloggs Cereal New Zealand–  Kellogg’s needed something more to promote a healthier image from competitors. So, 4 EON added a free exercise session reward for every 2 boxes purchased. Simply enter the box code online and choose a live fitness instructor near you. Reward options include a free yoga session, a free personal training session, or a free Pilates class.