It’s all about making emotional connections with your customers


Nowadays, brands need to use more creative and robust promotional marketing strategies to catch shoppers’ attention especially in a retail setting.  That is why 4 EON partners with many global brands to create custom tailored consumer rewards programs that tap into your target customers lifestyle and emotions.  Our extensive retail industry expertise will help your brand to craft ongoing data driven campaigns that incentive and change consumer perceptions and encourage customer loyalty.    

Increase Consumer Engagement Using Promotional Rewards and Incentives 

With big brand’s the budget is usually the first thing that is discussed, and with all advertising, companies that properly allocate marketing budgets specifically dedicated towards promotional campaigns are the ones that will win and forge stronger brand connections with their consumers.  4 EON does not ask our clients to increase their advertising budgets to increase their sales.  We help them better manage and spend their budgets.   Engaging your customers is a process that is ongoing throughout the year and it may or may not show an immediate boost in total revenues in the short term, therefore by expanding your marketing channels to include customer loyalty campaigns and experiential reward programs, this can be a big driver of long term profitability and be the largest contributor to raising the awareness of a brand. Your brand promotions and incentive programs should have a value proposition which is unique enough to set you apart from the herd of your competitors, yet be attractive enough to bring in new potential shoppers with an appetite towards becoming a loyal long term client.   

Why does instore-retail rewards campaigns drive customer engagement?

How do you drive more sales in a retail environment?  A well designed store, there is an intimacy between promotion, product and the customer which is developed by using messaging and promotional signage on the advertising and packaging that taps into the customer’s taste and desire to save money or purchase quality products. Experiential rewards can be presented to the consumer at their leisure and it can tap into their lifestyle by attracting them with dream vacations, concert tickets, VIP experiences- and all of these incentives are available to them for doing things they are already doing shopping for things they want or need.      

Most in-store retail promotions are placed strategically where they will get the most eyeball views or attention from the customer, such as the end of the aisle or in the front of the store. There are other ways of doing reward promotions, they can be printed on the product packaging itself.  As an example with Rite Aid, an experienced based loyalty program partnership was created, that allowed the customer to acquire reward points each time they purchased certain products during a specific time period. Then on the customers printed receipt copy would show the instructions on how to redeem their  rewards online, which a microsite was created for the rewards where they could put in their promo code and receive experiences such as a dinner for two or movie tickets.      


4 EON, a creative advertising agency, is an expert in tapping into the right kind of consumer incentives, these are the kind that not only attract new but also retains current consumers for the long term and stay within the brand’s messaging.  With extensive partnerships, we have the ability to provide your customers with free emotional based activities and rewards to all consumers that buy a certain service or product from the campaign.  To further elaborate, we have been working for years to develop nationwide partners in various industries that will offer experiences such as free sports lesson, outdoor family activities, free music and movie downloads, concert tickets, or even a dinner for two rewards.  

You may be wondering how does this actually work?  Because of our reputation and long-term commitments of sending traffic to our partners, we are able to receive pricing that fits within a typical coupon budget.  So, brands can add value without having to spend more, while emotionally engaging with their target consumers and actually becoming part of their lives beyond the immediate purchase and consumption.      

Consumer Engagement Promotional Agency Partner

As a brand when choose to work with 4 EON, you get a creative agency partner that can manage your entire promotions, engagement, rewards, incentive programs.  

  • Strategy & planning  
  • Project management  
  • Research & insights
  • Digital & graphic design
  • Technology solutions
  • Marketing & creative
  • Interactive promotions
  • Campaign management
  • Processing & validation
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Global reward fulfillment
  • Reporting & analytics

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