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Consumer Brand Activation Event Campaigns

4 EON is an international consumer brand activation agency that helps our client’s with managing and coordinating experiential marketing events to educate and grow new potential customers, to help promote their products or services and create memorable real life bonds with the targeted consumers through innovative experiential, social, and promotional marketing event tours.

Consumer brand activations are designed to help create product awareness and increase sales of a specific product during a branded, in – store marketing experience.

Each consumer activation can be held in a number of venues, including, but not limited to: in-store retail spaces, expositions, pop-up shops or mobile retail locations.  The focus is to engage the consumer and focus their attention on the product of which they may have been previously unaware.

The interactivity of this service, allows your brand to connect the consumer with a greater retail experience and engage them with purchasing incentives, which will increase your overall brand and product awareness  Brands will partner with 4 EON’s elite events marketing staff in order to launch a new product or retail location. Educate consumers, create or re-ignite a buzz, build loyal communities, increase sales and brand awareness in new markets.

Consumer Brand Activation Strategies:

  • Mobile outreach centers
  • Multimedia & touchscreen exhibits
  • Car Simulators
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Road Shows
  • Product Sampling
  • Social Media Integration

Consumer Brand Sponsor Activation Case Studies     

Ray Ban has been producing luxury eyewear for over 75 years.  The sunglass manufacturer’s main brand challenge was to be in consumers’ minds in the beginning of summer when people need to purchase a nice pair of new shades to protect their eyes from the sun and be in-style. Ray Ban partnered 4EON for an experiential event planning tour. In 2013 4EON created a promotional brand activation tour with multiple stops for Ray-Ban to showcase and launch their new sunglass collection to affluent consumers including both ‘Polarized’ and ‘Non Polarized’ lenses. 4EON was the event producer which used consumer activation campaign strategies to create engagement and awareness with people in a number of high end luxury department stores, like Saks, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.


Our challenge was to create a consistent brand experience throughout all the stops on the tour. The experiential solution had to incorporate the iconic “NEVER HIDE” advertising campaign. The secondary objective was to leverage and enhance Ray-Ban’s affiliations with iconic bands and rock and roll music in a cool way that would inspire people. We filmed these events so they could be amplified via social networks and in the press. To maximize the association with Ray-Ban’s heritage and music affiliations, we choose to use the Guitar Hero Simulator game inside the store launches. The customers got to experience Ray-Ban’s sunglass products while playing the game and guitars listening to music. Our brand ambassadors got the consumers to take photos wearing the glasses and playing the guitar while experiencing Ray-Ban. As you can see in the picture below people got look at the game through the Ray-Ban polarized lenses which helped them connect and experience the product in a fun way.

The second consumer activation strategy we used for Ray-Ban was car simulators for the in-store product launches inside other retail locations that sell Ray-Ban products.


This campaign was called ‘Better Clarity”  which was a great way to get peoples attention who came to the product launch event.

Using the simulators allowed Ray-Ban to engage their consumers, which gave them a fun and unique retail experience that give off positive emotions. 4EON was able to create an interactive environment in which Ray-Bans consumer had a complete sensual event participation (see, touch, feel), which left them with pleasant memories that were subconsciously associated with the brand. And they got to try on glasses and see how the different lenses worked while driving the game simulator.      

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