Event Marketing Car Simulator Campaigns   


Virtual reality simulators can take your brand’s next mobile marketing or retail product launch to the next level.  Guitar hero, motorbike and car simulators are an excellent way to grab peoples attention, a magnet for audiences of all ages and interests. There is a cool video game component and a panoramic screen combined with complex motion algorithms and safety features that allows these simulators to be an incredible marketing tool during product sampling and experiential marketing events.  It will attract crowds to your mobile pop store, retail sampling activation campaign or a Tradeshow.  We will have branded signage all around the simulator, and brand ambassadors engaging with the consumers.

Watch this video of a recent consumer activation we did for Oakley throughout multiple stops in Italy.  As you can see in this video that the event staff was showing the durability and product features of Oakley’s sunglasses (throwing it on the ground and stepping on it.) and more importantly letting the customers try them and imagine what it is like to own a pair.    

Retail Brand Activation Experts   

Brand activation, which also sometimes called consumer activation, generally refers to increasing consumer interest by allowing people to use or experience a product in a memorable way.   When this is done in the right way, the brand’s image is “activated” by the consumer, who then begins to understand the value of the brand and can walk away from an event with a lasting positive impression.  Experiential activation event tours, can generate a cult like enthusiasm from your event participants, who begin to trust and feel a part of the brand because of personal interaction they had with it during the event.  4 EON helps major fashion brands such as Prada, Ray-Ban, Luxottica and Channel to launch new flagship stores and showcase their latest product lines to consumers.  Through live event activations, we deliver your brand’s messages through fun and memorable consumer experiences. 

 “People  don’t always remember what is said and done, but they never forget how something made them feel” –  4 EON CEO, Davide Bolis 

How Does 4 EON work with brands on experiential marketing activations?  

It starts with proposals and setting budgets with our client’s trade marketing departments.  We then create experiential communication campaign strategies, that are executed and managed in a compelling and measurable way that will raise exposure and awareness for the brand.  4 EON’s marketing services range from: outdoor and in-store consumer activations, product sampling, product demos, in-or-out-store traffic building, promotional road shows, guerilla campaigns or even logistics operations for retailers like Point of Purchase (POP) display merchandising.           

Retail Promotions and Product Sampling    


4 EON helps major brands like Ray-Ban, Vogue Eyewear, and Oakley with a number of high-end consumer activation retail events and new product launch promotions.  These kind of events are great because they increase interest in your brand and deepen the consumers connection and affinity for your company in such memorable ways that only a live event experience can do. People respond to face to face engagement marketing far more than just watching a television commercial for a brand.  The Event Marketing Institute has done a survey that showed that over 86% percent of people that participated in an experiential event later became a customer of some sort.

Why do Consumer Retail Activations work so effectively?

  • They create awareness, visibility and recognition
  • They enhance product knowledge and awareness
  • They can increase brand loyalty
  • It can improve ROI through targeted consumer promotions
  • Retail activations offer interactive product samples, and other incentives to consumers that demonstrate and educate the consumer with the value of the brand and its products.
  • Event photo activation helps to create social reach and sharing of the event.    

Contact us to learn how 4 EON can help your company with consumer activations that will increase brand loyalty and get people talking.