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“Experiential Marketing is all about campaigns that allow a brand to move beyond a regular advertisement and to actually form an emotional connection or interaction with its consumer” – Davide Bolis  


Oakley Guerilla Marketing Flash Mob

Our grassroots experiential marketing campaigns focus on creating consumer interaction with your brand.  No matter the focus of your campaign, the size of your brand or the industry you represent. Our experience, flexibility and attention to detail have created many successful campaigns throughout the years. From consumer reward programs, in-store marketing campaigns, promotional tours to B2B interactions; we offer measurable results to any company looking to increase their brand awareness and consumer base.  Experiential marketing campaigns ensure that the brand or company plays an active role in the consumers’ conversations.

Experiential Marketing is more popular among Fortune 500 brands. A recent study by Event Tracking has just determined that consumers are more motivated than ever to make purchase decisions based on live experiences, with more than 54 percent of the people that were studied will buy products promoted at an event or conference they have attended.       

The word-of-mouth results that happen in person and online through social media channels, after a successful event and the work of experiential marketing efforts are quite substantial, and the lasting brand impact can be very powerful.  Data from the survey states that 98% of consumers that tell one of their friends about their experience, they will mention the brand that ran or sponsored the event.  Special events are great because people attending them get to see your brand on promotional materials such as big banners, flyers, hats, shirts, or branded uniforms worn by your brand ambassadors who would be working the event.     

4 EON which is headquartered in New York City, is an Italian international experiential marketing and event management agency that uses disruptive and creative ideas to make lasting impressions for your customers.  What sets us apart and why brands like Ray-Ban, Versace, Tiffany & Co, and Yamaha choose us as their strategic event marketing partner, is our ability to develop and execute “one of kind” event experiences for your company.  Our clients like Oakley, invest in experiential marketing because they say “activation, sponsorship, and experiential” play a very important strategy in the continued global growth of their brand.  We are regarded as Manhattan’s go to agency when you are planning your next product activation launch project. We plan creative events all over the world.      

Consumers say that Live events are more Effective than Facebook Ads or TV Commercials for Helping People to Use or Understand Brand’s Product or Service 

As a brand you need to research and analyze human behavior and motivations and what influences people’s desires and basic emotions. Experiential marketing is becoming a more holistic approach to targeting and marketing to consumers, especially Millennials. Event marketing agencies should be thinking about and asking these important questions when launching their next experiential activation campaign:

  • Relating– How can your brand’s product or service relate and link the consumer to other things or people in the world.    
  • Acting–  Changes in human behavior can be empowering and motivational.  What type of behaviors can your product be used to ignite or influence.  
  • Thinking– Product demo’s can be a useful to generate awareness at events, you need to figure out how you can make the benefits of owning your product simple and obvious.  
  • Feeling– Product sampling activations work. Touching and using a product is a great way to peak consumer interest, ask yourself, what will it feel like to use your brand’s services or product?       
  • Sensing– How do consumers physically sense or perceive (smell, hear, sight, touch, taste) your company’s product’s?   

Our outside-the-box creative marketing services provide global brands with the very experiential marketing ideas and concepts, from street level guerilla marketing activations to promotional tours to mobile engagement we have you covered.

4 EON’s Experiential Marketing Services include:  

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Promotion and Strategy
  • Meeting Production
  • Event Management
  • Creative Development
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Pop-Ups
  • Mobile Tours
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • New Product Launches
  • Video Production  
  • Social Media Integration   
  • Press Releases
  • Tradeshows
  • VIP Activations
  • Brand Ambassadors   
  • Partner Conferences & Expos
  • Special Events   
  • GrassRoots Programs     

4 EON offers a variety of event planning and promotion services to choose from.  When you, hire us we will create a vision and strategy on how to achieve success. Our creative strategist team provides you with the leadership and resources you need to create the right   engagement for your brand. With over 13 years of experience in the special event planning industry, we know how to create experiential marketing campaigns that connect consumers to your brand. No matter the style of activation your brand needs such as flash mobs, street teams, mobile tours, trade show product launches or an ultra private event, 4 EON has built a solid track record on delivering an exclusive product for your company or brand.

Please browse some of our experiential marketing programs below by clicking any of the services. We are consumer engagement experts.  We believe in creating return on investment (ROI) for the client and its audience.  If you would like more information, please contact us for a consultation.  You may also wish to request a list of our previous clients, which you can do by clicking here.  

Grassroots Retail Campaigns


Promotional Tours & Roadshows

Promotional Tours have a large impact.  This type of brand marketing allows you to take your product on the road, maximizing viability, while increasing awareness, brand interaction and ultimately product sales.

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Sampling Activations

Product sampling allows consumers to test your product and provide immediate feedback, which is an invaluable tool in retail marketing to gain insight into a new or existing product while raising brand awareness.

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Consumer Activations

Consumer activations are designed to increase product or brand awareness in retail environments.  From pop-up shops, mobile shops, or traditional retailers, this in – store marketing tool draws attention to your brand, to increase your consumer base.

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Consumer Rewarding

Rewards programs are an excellent way to show your gratitude to the consumer.  A consumer marketing program such as a give-away or contest not only increases customer loyalty/brand loyalty, but can raise brand awareness in the process.

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Industry Services



We offer convention and event planning that not only represents your brand effectively, but engages the attendees creatively.

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Press Conferences

Press conferences combine our event planning and marketing experience to create effective messages for your business.

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Team Building

Solid training and staff morale is important within any business.  We offer a variety of flexible, team building programs to help.

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