Even if your company has unique and amazing products, it is your workers and team that will ultimately determine if your organization will make your customers happy and reach your targeted sales and revenue goals.     

4 Eon helps major brands to launch and coordinate effective sales training and employee engagement events, that focus on team building exercises, aligning culture and business goals, improving company morale and teaching the key drivers that lead to improving performance and motivation in the company.  It’s all about building brands up from the inside out. Our employee engagement initiatives help Multinational  Fortune 500 companies to drive growth, increase sales and improve employee efficiency. Some of core services and capabilities include:  

  • Brand & business alignment
  • Culture change campaigns
  • Team building, Incentives
  • Sales enablement & training
  • Customer experience

Key Factors in Driving Employee Engagement

  1. Purpose Lead or Driven–  It’s important to develop a roadmap that enables your sales team to understand your brand’s purpose, ambitions, future relevance, belief, and mission.
  2. Build Intuitively Designed Experiences– encourage and anticipate how employees will want to participate in communications, enable positive interactions, and dialogue.
  3. Create Useful Employee Experiences– build a culture that celebrates the employees that live the brand, deliver it to your customers, and can clearly articulate the brand message no matter what level in the hierarchy they are in the organization.
  4. Measure and ask questionstalk with your employees, ask them if they would recommend to a friend working at this company or buying the products you sell. An employee who is listened to can become a passionate brand ambassador, motivating Co workers, and taking on larger tasks.

Luxottica APAC Sales and Marketing Conference  


For the past 8 years Luxottica has partnered with 4 EON for a number experiential events, from consumer activations to sales conferences.  Just recently Luxottica asked 4 Eon to Co create an event in Macao, China that celebrated and motivated their Asia-Pacific wholesale employees’ team. Our creative team came up with a theme that would engage and align the sales and marketing teams in a memorable inspiring way.  The event’s theme was “James Bond inspired ” and the tagline “Eyes of the Future”, became the driving force behind the overall that shaped the agenda of the whole sales conference.     

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