Dealers Conference

You demand a lot from your dealers — and in return — they demand a lot from your dealer conference.

Inspired and informed dealers carry your brand messages to your customers and work hard to sell for you after your dealer conference ends. Bad dealer meetings result in confusing customer experiences and make your dealers question their loyalty to your brand.

With so many other responsibilities on your plate – how do you design dealer meetings that motivate?

Design a Dealer Conference that Drives Your Business Forward

Each dealer conference makes a big impact on the year ahead – or at least it should. Your dealers hold the keys to your brand success. They’re the name, face and voice to your customers. Your dealer meetings are your chance to help dealers deliver that brand experience in a consistent and strategic way. 

Effective dealer meetings:

  • Educate. You trust your dealer representatives to serve as your public voice. If they don’t have enough information or don’t understand the information they do have, you’re putting customer relationship at risk. Are they sharing the wrong information? Are they missing key topics altogether? Your dealer conference design needs to build dealer confidence in your products and equip them to serve as the face of your brand.
  • Focus on customer feedback. Your dealers work on the frontlines for your company.  They engage with customers every day. They’re hearing feedback and concerns straight from the source. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into that insight at your dealer meetings – their knowledge can bring color and substance to your customer research.
  • Generate enthusiasm. From new product launches to changes in your company’s strategic direction, your dealer meetings are full of important announcements. When you design excitement around these announcements, studies show that feeling is contagious. After your dealers return home, keep your post-meeting excitement rolling through strategic communications so your dealers bring that enthusiasm to your customers.

Why partner with 4EON for your dealer conference?

4EON uses our deep experience, unparalleled buying power and neuroscience knowledge to design flawless dealer meetings, and dealer incentive programs that achieve our clients’ goals. 
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