Retail Window Display Design Company


4 EON specializes in the design of retail interiors, store window displays, exhibition displays, Point of Purchase displays and custom showrooms for many well known Italian cosmetics and fashion brands.

Retail marketing studies have shown that 50% of all purchase decisions are on visual impulses, and window displays for your retail store in the mall are like billboards for catching peoples eye.  Once you get them in the store the visual merchandising needs to be set up to continue to attract peoples attention.   

The use of technology and smart phones in society has become so common that, most people’s attention spans are shrinking to less than a few seconds because of all the multi-tasking that is happening. Even when someone is walking by your store, you can bet they are talking with a friend, texting, emailing or looking at their smart watch.  This means that you have got really creative with merchandising and display windows so that they not only stop and take a look, but decide to come inside your store. 4 EON handles, window display design for big brands- including creating the concept, fabrication, delivery, installation and disassembling it.    

 “Our aim with such visual merchandising products is to help our clients launch branded retail campaigns while maximizing their in-store sales” – 4 EON, CEO Davide Bolis    

Oakley Instore Retail Merchandising Display    

For two years for Oakley we have designed all the windows display structures (1,000 per year) inside select retail store locations, all across the Europe, we have produced the structures and we have set them up in each location.  We had storages all across the Europe and custom teams dedicated in each country in order to execute and to communicate with all, the point of sales in order to manage appointments for the set up and on-site measurement in each retail location.  These custom Point of Purchase displays (POP) increased the effectiveness of the in-store promotional campaigns.  As a customer walking through these attention grabbing merchandising helped to make Oakley stand out amongst other products.


One of 4 EON’s core services is retail window display design, and since we over 8 years experience with perfecting the art of the window display. We have worked with many famous brands, that all needed, tailor made custom concepts, themes and styles. 4 EON has a vast vendor supply network of prop and art production shops, that it manages,  where we can brainstorm, create, build and fabricate almost anything. Our brand motto is 4 everything or nothing.

Adidas Retail Window Display Design, Milan, Italy   

4 EON’s processes for creating window display graphics for Adidas started with our design team creating graphic wireframe mark ups of what the window design could look like.  Our typical work flow these window design projects goes like this: 

  1. We receive the brief from the client
  2. We propose the concept with our creative team
  3. The client approves the concept
  4. We design with our graphic team
  5. We have the client approval
  6. We produce all the elements
  7. We install the elements with our crew.     


Retail Window displays in Centro Vulcano Shopping Mall  Milan, Italy  



Pandora Jewelry Window Displays  

This Pandora Jewelry was a very fun window display project in Venice, Italy.  In the first photo shown below, 4 EON created the two holiday themed window designs on either side of the window, the tree decorations on the glass itself and the large 3’ x 9’ display banner sign shown in the store.   


On the second Pandora Jewelry image, that shows the inside of the store, 4 EON designed the large retail display sign which is on the left side of the store and photo.                


Retail and Store Window Display Design Services include:   

  • Window display design
  • Art direction
  • Project management
  • Design and concept development  
  • Exhibition design
  • In-store point of purchase displays
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion store window design displays
  • Mechanical displays
  • Furniture design and fabrication  
  • Plastic, plexiglass and acrylic fabrication   
  • Vinyl graphics and signage   
  • Visual merchandising and display
  • Window site surveys   
  • 3-dimensional signage   
  • Fashion styling and mannequins

Our creative design team understands the complexities of 3-Dimensional design with the retail store industry space.  4 EON stays ahead of styles and trends, to continue to innovate to excite and meet the demands of today’s consumers. By fostering unusual, creative collaborations, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with window displays.   

Some of the tips that 4 EON use’s to visually merchandise your windows are:  

  • Keep your display at eye level
  • Create it so they can look into the store  
  • Use at least three different colors   
  • Change it every month    
  • Plan more than month in advance    

When 4 EON helps retail brands with setting up displays, we you use effective visual merchandising points to create your windows so it will entice more people to come in and buy your merchandise, which will increase your company’s sales.  

The smart brands understand the power of creating eye catching store windows because it is one of the places that a time crunched busy shopper has a chance to consider their store’s products.   Contact us for a quote for your unique project.