Our Mission

4EON is dedicated to ensuring the successful development and implementation of engaging and innovative experiential marketing events for companies and brands/products.

4EON (For Everything or Nothing)


4EON began with the desire to provide both business and brands with visual merchandising and experiential marketing services that offered more innovative and detail oriented services than were being provided by other firms.

There were a lot of lackluster visual merchandising and guerrilla marketing events which were being held for a number of high profile brands in the area.  After attending numerous expos, conventions and conferences our founder decided he could offer a much better experience for both the brand and the consumer by assembling a talented team and introducing  his personal flair.

A team was carefully assembled to offer the resources and talent necessary to make the dream a reality, and so 4EON  was born.

With our talent, determination and  innovation, it wasn’t long before we had secured a number of clients and our company was well on its way to success.

In 2009 we made our way to New York City to create an event for one of our clients.  From that point forward, many other American events fell into place and it wasn’t long before 4EON had grown into a multinational, experiential marketing firm.

Today, our clients span a variety of locations, sizes and industries; including: Automotive, Fashion, Media, Music, Health, Telecommunications, and Food.

We attribute all of our success to our motto: “For Everything or Nothing” which is not only our motto, but our approach to each and every campaign.  We believe that you have to push the boundaries to create an experience that will create the impact each of our clients deserve.  So each of our events is approached with the idea that nothing is impossible.

We look forward to many years of continued success and  memorable experiences with our clients.