Ray-Ban Mobile Tour- Driving Consumer Brand Activation Case Study


4 EON’s experiential marketing services fluidly integrates your brand, products into the fabric of events that we manage, through the development of one-of-a-kind consumer engagement marketing programs, launch events, product samplings, conferences. The end goal of all our work, is to offer the attendees a personalized memorable connection with your brand.   

CHALLENGE:  Ray-Ban is an iconic sunglasses, brand with a lot of history, but, in an increasingly competitive industry vertical,  they partnered with  4 EON to launch the “Never Hide” campaign as a way for them to increase their market share, connect with the younger millennial audience and drive consideration for the brand.   

SOLUTION: 4 EON researched and logistically planned an elaborate experiential consumer activation world tour that spanned many cities in 6 countries.  The mobile pop-up tours happened in Amsterdam, Aventura, Berlin, Coral Gables, Detroit, Gratz, Frankfurt, Linz, Miami, Milan, New York, Naples,  Los Angeles, Palermo, Raleigh, Salzburg, San Francisco, Seattle, Raleigh, Venice, Vienna and Verona.  4EON created unique visual branding elements at each location for fans to experience Ray-Ban’s sunglasses firsthand.       Ray-Ban-mobile-tours-hippie-van

Key Elements Included:

  • Retail store product launches were fabricated with branded signage and  guitar hero and car simulators were rented to engage the consumers while they tried on polarized sunglasses.
  • A Volkswagen camper van was rented and a custom vehicle fabrication was made, including a new paint job showcasing Ray-ban’s logo and other eye catching colors.
  • Brand ambassadors and street teams were hired to build excitement and get thousands of people to attend and participate in these events.
  • Photo marketing activation was at each event,  where a booth and a photographer took pictures of the people in a “Never Hide ” high quality digital printable ad, which was also delivered via email so they could share on social platforms.  
  • In the warmer beach location events, a customizable structural designed mobile pop-up stations were built along with a photo activation booth to encourage people come by try on the products and take branded photos.      



This multiple city campaign tour brought a significant amount, of visibility and brand awareness through experiential, consumer activation, brand ambassadors, branded signage and lifestyles and product sampling.  Here are the actual numbers of what resulted from these engagement marketing campaigns for Ray-Ban:  

  • 900,000 consumers were engaged within 6 countries.
  • 9,000 brand ambassadors were groomed via Ray-Ban
  • 1,200,000 photo activations were printed for the attendees
  • 500,000 sunglasses were tried on and tested by consumers  

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