Oakley BMX Roadshow Mobile Tour-Driving Audience Engagement Case Study


In an effort to reach and engage the youth market, Oakley to partner with 4 EON and launch a BMX roadshow across multiple cities throughout Italy to connect with this audience face to face.  

CHALLENGE:  Oakley wants to to keep its market share as an extreme sports lifestyle brand, and it wanted to create a brand experience that would differentiate Oakley from other sports equipment, clothing companies, portrays them as outside of the mainstream and provide a unique channel between the brand ambassadors (athletes) and the audience.   Click here to read more.        

Ray-Ban Mobile Tour- Driving Consumer Brand Activation Case Study    

Ray-ban-experiential-marketing-page4 EON’s experiential marketing services fluidly integrates your brand, products into the fabric of events that we manage, through the development of one-of-a-kind consumer engagement marketing programs, launch events, product samplings, conferences. The end goal of all our work, is to offer the attendees a personalized memorable connection with your brand.

CHALLENGE:  Ray-Ban is an iconic sunglasses, brand with a lot of history, but, in an increasingly competitive industry vertical,  they partnered with  4 EON to launch the “Never Hide” campaign as a way for them to increase their market share, connect with the younger millennial audience and drive consideration for the brand  Click here to read more     

Vogue Eyewear Brand Activation Consumer Sampling Case Study  

Vogue-Eyewear-brand-consumer-activation-case-study-4eonHow can a consumer activation campaign make a substantial impact in building awareness and buzz for a brand?  Here is a case study of how Vogue Eyewear did just that.Brands like Vogue Eyewear are choosing to use brand activations,  mobile pop-up stores, experiential marketing and brand ambassadors to reach targeted consumer audiences across 10 cities.  CHALLENGE:   Leverage Vogue’s Eyewear partnership with Pupa Make-Up to create and deliver a massive consumer activation product sampling campaign that would hundreds-of-thousands of women and millennial girls throughout the multiple city stops that reinforced the Vogue Eyewear brand’s sophistication, elegance and style.  Click here to read more